1. What is a bigfoot?

  •  I wish I knew... Seriously. Without a lot more information and discovery, there will be no one person that can convince us of what we are dealing with. North American Ape? Hybrid? Homosapi"whatever"? I don't know. To be honest, if someone tells you they do know, they're crazy or lying to you. What I do know is that there is an unknown, bipedal, hominid that is wondering around North America. I've seen it. I know they exist. Thats where our quest begins...

 2. What do they eat?

  • What I have come to believe is that they have the capability to "browse". They can eat everything that a Black Bear can. There are reports from hunters of Bigfoot taking a fresh kill from meat piles and reports of them also going through grandma's garden. Their mass alone would suggest that whatever they do eat, there had better be a lot of it. Thats one of the reasons Ohio has so many sightings. Ohio is  not only forested enough to provide shelter, but we also have a vast majority of farming crops and a sustainable wildlife population that co-exist all over the state.

 3.Where is all of the physical evidence?

  • True... no body. This doesn't mean that there is no evidence of their existence. We all agree that Black Bears exist. There are thousands of them all over the United States alone. Rarely, if EVER, has a body of a black bear been located that has died of natural causes. Does that make us question their existence? Not at all. Nature takes care of its own. I'm sure that animals die from "Old Age", but I'm also sure that decomposition and other animals use that body as food to help keep the forests from being littered with dead animal carcusses. Native Americans also have beliefs that they bury their dead, much like people do. So no, science does not have a body. But we do have a lot of footprints and a lot of sightings. More than can be faked.